The Ability For You To Change How You Experience Your Realities Is More Valuable Than Changing The Details Of The Reality.

Reality is a crazy construct, often incorrectly identified as a thing. Everyone experiences their own reality each second of everyday. While it may not have come to your attention that you have a say as to what you can do to change, impact or create your reality, this shall provide relevant insights to impact your understanding.

I want you to look at the picture below and decide on what the picture is.


To some the picture may be of a vase. To others it may be a picture of two faces staring at each other. What if I were to tell you, both were correct? The answer is of course; both are present in this picture/reality. However, if you were not aware of both appearing in the picture and had to determine what the picture was, it can be said with almost certainty that your beliefs of what you saw would be strong. In fact, in the studies we have witnessed many would downright argue and believe even stronger in their original beliefs as to what they saw. This of course was their reality.

What is rather insightful with this study is the revelation that when a disagreement is present, humans tend to become more certain in their beliefs without any exploration into someone else’s reality or perspective. However, once the other persons reality is expressed in an EFFECTIVE way, the certainty turns to doubt. The guard then comes down and an understanding is reached. At this point their reality is changed.

Experiencing Reality Through Our Senses

We as humans experience our reality through our five senses. Below are examples of those who have utilized their focus and discipline to experience above average results in life with their senses.


Example: Musicians”I dedicated all the time I had to it. The 10 hour workout was just what I put in the magazine at the time, but for me it was every waking moment.”
-Guitar Legend Steve Vai

Close your eyes and listen very carefully to the words of your favorite song. Next, listen to it focused solely on the lyrics. Chances are you may have caught a lyric which may have been overlooked all the times you have listed to the song before. After doing this, listen to the song with your eyes closed and focus only on the instrumental sounds of the song. Zero in on each time you hear a change in instrument and the sound that results. Each time we have had someone do this exercise they realize just how easy it is to miss the details while focusing in on the “big picture”. Even more insightful is the fact that as you temporary shut off one sense by closing your eyes, the additional senses improve. It is quite remarkable how your hearing became more attentive, isn’t it?


Example: Sharpshooters
“When I am zeroing in on a target, I can tell you the color of the threads holding the buttons on their shirt.”
-Marksman Ken Murrey

Look down at the floor beneath you. Whether it is carpet, tile, hardwood flooring or linoleum, pay close attention to the design. Stare at it further and look for the lines, marks and color differential. It is quite amazing just how much the flooring we walk on daily has going on within their design and appearance.


Example: Blind People
“I sometimes wonder if the hand is not more sensitive to the beauties of sculpture than the eye. I should think the wonderful rhythmical flow of lines and curves could be more subtly felt than seen.”
-Helen Keller

Find a book which has a mixture of font and photos. Now close your eyes and feel the page. Do you notice things you may have overlooked, such as the font which feels raised from the page, the outline of the picture, the size of the words and the grains on the paper itself?


Example: Wine Connoisseurs”When tasting wine, it is recommended to swirl the wine to the side of the glass to expose the wine to the air to enhance the aromas of the wine. From the smell of th aromas one can identify any minerals, fruits or grains present in the wine. Once identified a wine connoisseur can identify precisely what part of the world the wine is from and the age.”
-Wine Expert Via Venechhi

Exercise:Get a piece of chocolate candy and unwrap it. Pour yourself a glass of water. Now smell the piece of chocolate right before you drink the water and as you are drinking the water, hold the piece of chocolate directly under your nose. This changes the experience you taste. The taste is not that of plain water now, is it?


Example: Food Tasters”Having the ability to focus my attention on the different flavors, textures and tastes of each item I taste is imperative for an accurate analysis.”
-Food Critic Maryellen Royce

Exercise:Next time you are eating dinner, take a bite and move the food to the back of your mouth and to the roof of your mouth. Let the food site for 30 seconds and use your tongue t feel the texture of the food. Also concentrate on the various tastes such as the spices used.

Did You Know?

  • Fear is a trained habit.
  • In order to get into a state of fear your mind and body both undergo changes to create the state. If you do not allow the changes to take place, you alter your resulted state which stops the fear state from developing.
  • There is a positive intention motivating each behavior.
  • Humans gravitate towards comfort and similarity over discomfort and the unknown.
  • Similarity is interpreted as a good thing by the subconscious mind as it has experienced the state often.
  • An example of people and similarity is if you were to think of an item of clothing you may have which is similar in design though you have multiple colors and/or patterns.
  • The conscious mind wants to control anything it is in tune with.
  • Your subconscious mind makes decisions for you throughout each and every day.
  • An example of your subconscious mind acting for you in everyday life is walking and blinking your eyes. You are able to do each of these without paying attention to eithe and directing your focus on other items.
  • In order to establish similarity and positive states to avoid the discomfort and anxiety of the unknown, one must experience those states intentionally to train the subconscious mind as to their desired reaction in that experience.
  • Turning down the radio when looking for an address does not increase the quality of your sight, though appears to help with finding the address as the conscious mind is more directly focused without the radio distraction.
  • The sense of smell passes straight into the memory cortex.
  • Smell is the most powerful sense to recall any memory.

Your Reality Is What You Choose To Experience.