Love is the oxygen of life. We ultimately get what we give. Unlike family, relationships are chosen.


The two most valuable gifts a person can give are love and time. We must set a baseline for what we will accept otherwise we will get what we tolerate. Since success without fulfillment is ultimate failure, you must expect more out of yourself and your partner.

By continually growing and pushing one another to be better each day, together the bond, love and relationship grows stronger. It takes work.

It also requires give and take. With give and take comes control. You don’t take control. You are given control.

Control is the most important factor after love in a relationship. You lose it; you most likely won’t get it back. Remember, you only possess control when the other person grants it. Leaders cannot lead without the followers to follow them. Timing will also play a key role in any success or failure you experience. To have control in a certain area, you must deserve it and be responsible with the control. When you do and are, this helps the relationship develop further trust, which yields success.


Verbal reassurances to let the person you are with know how much they mean to you, how much you appreciate them and giving a compliment can go a long way. After a long day, the last person someone may want to do is make dinner. However, if they make dinner, a compliment about how beautiful they look will change their upset mood.

Humans communicate in different ways. Men are notorious for showing love through actions and women through words. To have a successful relationship, both parties must speak the language that the other party recognizes. Otherwise, despite the efforts, success will be elusive.


Monitoring your mind is a necessity for a successful relationship. Humans can change their emotional state on their thoughts alone. By cutting out the negative influences and only having those you see as good models for the relationship you ultimately want, the growth becomes natural.

The two most powerful things…that can affect our lives daily are Anger & Fear. Anger is like a dark cloud over you. It impacts how you feel internally, which impacts how you view people, work and experiences externally. Fear prevents you from experiencing opportunities which can change your life for a moment or forever.


Take pride in your appearance, in your health and your personal growth. When you become complacent, the other party will follow suit. If they do not follow suit, they will grow tired of the lack of effort given and look to possibly leave.

You owe it to yourself to look your best by dressing nice, staying well-groomed and trying to grow. Growth includes both personal development and career development. You also owe it to your partner. If they see you dressing in sweats and hoodies every day, what would be their motivation to dress nice for you? If they see you have gained 20 pounds and are perfectly content sitting on the couch every night, you should expect the same. This is not a positive path for a relationship.

In contrast, if you do take pride by dressing nice, the significant other will take notice. They are likely to follow suit. Personal growth through reading, learning and exploring interests can be exciting and attractive. Remember, how the other person sees you is how they will feel about you.