In our case studies and interaction with those who are true masters of their craft, whether it be personally or professionally they all possess the same core traits.

Those traits include, but are not limited to:

  • They understand their strengths and maximize them for their benefit.
    • This is accomplished through copying mannerisms, thought processes and routines.
  • They identify and accept their weaknesses. Once identified and accepted they become determined to improve them as they are not willing to accept any weakness as being such permanently.
    • This is accomplished through training whatever their weakness is, as one would a muscle – through repetition and consistency to increase its strength.
  • They identify what they appreciate and admire in others often.
    • Creating mental notes and often times writing down detailed information to thoroughly understand what they appreciate and admire.
  • They determine how they can implement those admirable characteristics they see in others to improve their life and those they interact with lives.
    • Inserting an image of themselves in the moment they witness of others, in which they appreciate and admire. At this time they go through the emotions of how they would feel in the moment.
  • They understand the importance of goals being set with realistic expectations.
    • Being able to identify realistic expectations based on initial dialogues allows them to proceed with caution yet aggressiveness. They understand when to push and when to pull back, which is within itself an art.
  • They bring out and get the best out of others.
    • This is accomplished by being liked and or respected. When someone likes you they are more willing to help you. This allows their skills and positive traits to be on display to learn from them firsthand.
  • They develop a laser-like focus on incorporating positive characteristics for a long lasting impact.
    • This laser-like focus is similar to an obsession. With their minds focused on these improvements, the success rate increases greatly and the turn time to implement speeds up drastically.

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