You are marketing yourself to women as a company would market a product to consumers. While many companies market to specific clientele, your goal is to appeal to all women. You do this by avoiding any reasons for her to eliminate you from the mix. Most women would discard you for photos detailed below as “No” pictures. Women are quick to discard a man’s profile by simply seeing one item they dislike. The quickest way to be discarded is a bad picture. A picture that stands out, will gain more attention, get more profile views and lead to more opportunity.

 “Yes” Pictures

The following are types of pictures that I recommend having on an online profile. The goal with these photos is to show off various aspects of life which can include hobbies, adventure, and other activities that are tasteful ways to show off the body without coming across as tacky and yet showcase who you are. The goal is to appeal to the masses and to appear as an exciting person who enjoys life. You are sure to be attractive to the masses.

“No” Pictures

Picture with large group of friends

Reasoning: A picture with friends increases the odds that a prospect will know someone you know. Depending on the mutual friend’s reputations, this could be a negative. Furthermore, you want a clean, new start and not to be associated with others. 

Picture with an ex-girlfriend

Reasoning: First off, why? Nothing good will come from this, and it will appear as though you still can’t get over your ex. If your excuse is this is the best picture of you, then this is also a concern. Don’t go there.

 Picture with a baby or a kid

Reasoning: This spells desperation and appears creepy. This has the exact opposite effect that you are trying to get across as nice, well-rounded guy who is good with kids. 

Picture at work

Reasoning: This jeopardizes your safety and eliminates privacy. A photo can tell a lot about someone and taking one while you’re at your desk can show items and reveal information about you such as your location, name, company, award(s), family photos, etc.

Picture with your shirt off/mirror shot, or any other compromising photo

Reasoning: If the photo is not one you would be comfortable with your business associates and family members viewing, don’t take it, let alone send it. When things don’t go well, people will blackmail you. Think first, and protect yourself.

 Picture with better looking friends

Reasoning: Instantly, anyone viewing the photo will be drawn to the more attractive person, which will in turn make you appear less attractive. Think of a picture you see with a group of girls. Your eyes gravitate towards the most attractive girl, which in turn diminishes the interest of those she is surrounded by? This is exactly what you don’t want. Your safest bet is to not have pictures with anyone.

 Close-up of tattoos

Reasoning: I’m sure there is a meaning to it, but save it for if she asks about it. It can also appear as though you are trying to hide something if your face and the rest of your body are hidden. Your tattoo can be visible in a full body shot, no need to zoom in.

 Pictures drinking alcohol

Reasoning: Do not post pictures of yourself drinking alcohol. Drinking in high school and college may have been an easy way to fit in. Having pictures of yourself drinking in your dating profile is not. The goal is to be a guy a woman desires to hang out with, not someone who just wants to party and may come across as immature.

Posting pictures to brag

Reasoning: Do not post pictures which appear as though you are trying to show off. These pictures can make you come across as insecure and trying to “prove” something. Women will view this as if you do not have enough to offer on your own, so you are overcompensating by showing off the physical belonging you can offer. Step up and be confident—you have every reason to be once you read Get Women to Want you.