Decision Making Process

Situation Presented

Decision has to be made in the given scenario.

Benefits vs. Drawbacks Evaluated

One has to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks to decide on their decision.


The timing must be right. This can be everything from location, current plans and responsibilities.


As the adrenaline and excitement builds, the benefit increases for the person in the moment to act.


Before coming to a decision, a person must build their case to their subconscious mind to take these actions.


If the timing works out in phase three and the ease is there due to convenience, it proceeds to the next phase.

No Roadblocks

Without anyone to intervene, the path to making a decision is on the path to completion.

Commitment to Decision

The benefit is amplified and the feeling of being spontaneous has taken over as they are fully committed.


Decision has been made and any potential actions have been completed.


This is where potential regret for a poor decision or happiness from a good decision takes place.
The next process to be discussed is the process of thoughts turned into action. The significance of the thoughts turned to action  process is to gain insight as to how humans decide when to take action. This is a general outline for most any action someone takes  which may surprise you or seems uncharacteristic of them. The process detailed below gives insight as to each stage before  reaching the point in which they decide to take action!

The Process Of Thoughts Turned Into Action


You are not sure. At this stage most are a too reserved and unsure to make a decision.


Frustration is building as there are items in which one is not happy with.


The lack of action to ease their frustrations is amplifying the impatient feelings one has.


The hope and expectation that there is something better for them than the current situation they are in.


After enough frustration and impatience has built up and the light at the end of the tunnel has appeared in the form of desire, action is taken!

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