Interacting effectively with others is becoming a lost art. Despite it being essential for our success in both our professional and love lives, few have truly mastered this art.

Think about it. We were conditioned at a young age not to talk to strangers. Though in life, particularly sales, meeting the opposite sex and in service businesses, we all HAVE to talk to strangers to SUCCEED. This is a transformational shift in how our lives change.

Throughout the day we walk around with chatter in our minds, being so concerned with what we have to do (future state), what has happened (past state), and even the possible negative things that can happen (future state) that we let life pass us by as we miss the most important state (the present state).

Living in the moment and seeing things as they are happening around you without the distraction of a game on your handheld device or text messaging will open your eyes to a brand new world. When we are focused on the now, we see things more clearly. We see an individual walking around with a grocery bag about to rip in their hands that we can alert them before they have it spill in the middle of a parking lot. We notice a co-workers new haircut or even a person attempting to make eye contact with a smile on their face in a flirty manner. All of these are opportunities. Opportunities in which you have passed you and you may not have been aware of. Stop being scared of others, start paying attention, live in the present and start talking to strangers! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Seven quick conversation topics to talk about, including but not limited to:

  • The situation at the present moment
  • What they are holding in their hand(s)
  • A song being played in the background.
  • What the other person is wearing.
  • Current weather
  • An exciting event coming to town
  • A piece of jewelry

The possibilities are endless!

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