The human Decision Making Process is detailed for your understanding, as is The Process of Thoughts Turned into Action on the links provided within this site. To expand on this for your understanding in how men and women differ, below is a summary based on how women and men view decisions. Women are typically more concerned about “saving face” in the eye of the public. Remember, women dress up to keep up or outshine other women more than they do to impress a man. Hence the reason they will wear sweatpants at home, only to put on a dress, fancy jewelry and heels for a gathering other women will be attending. Knowing this is important as you understand how to best communicate to get your point across or to influence.

  • The answer is to never pressure them or force your viewpoint, needs or wants.
  • Do not attempt to get them to do anything in front of others they may not be 100% on board with. This will create discomfort and awkwardness.
  • Avoid anything that could humiliate them.

Now that you understand how women decide to be “against” a decision, see below to identify what makes women decide to be “for” a decision.

  • Instant gratification – it makes them feel good.
  • Standing out – improving their stature in a social setting.
  • Timing – if the timing is right, women are more apt to do anything they may have  considered a definite no in the past.

Men on the other hand are often times not as concerned with “saving face” (unless it is in front of those they have a very high social regard for). Men are more likely to act in the moment on adrenaline for whatever appears to have instant gratification. This is the precise reason why men are quicker to say sorry or have regret. In that moment, men are focused and excited – living on adrenaline. After the excitement ends, they are still feeling good until they reflect on what they have just done. At this point, if the decision did not have any bad implications they are pleased with their decision. Below is a breakdown for how men think, while much more direct than women it is equally as important to understand.

  • Opportunity presents itself to man.
  • Man considers reward/benefit of acting on opportunity.
  • Man takes action on opportunity.
  • Immediate feedback is given – feels good/not worthwhile.
  • Reflection – regret/happiness with action is determined.

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