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All successful relationships have the following elements:

  • Respect
  • Appreciation
  • Understanding
  • Reality acceptance that you will not agree on everything and that’s not a bad thing!

Far too often we allow the differences we have with others to pollute an otherwise happy relationship or friendship. The same is true for professional relationships as well. Those who have truly successful relationships do not focus on their differences as much as their similarities or positive characteristics. It is human nature to overthink and dwell on items we are not fond of. The biggest challenge with this is some items are out of our control, though controlling your thoughts is not.

A successful relationship is a true win/win for all parties involved. There cannot be a party who is getting the short end of the stick. Unfortunately, a win/win setup is uncommon and is the precise reason for friendships, relationships and business alignments going awry. This can of course be avoided through understanding anc incorporating the elements we have listed above.

When you respect and appreciate the other party, they tend to be more respectful and appreciative to you. As you make a conscious effort to understand their viewpoint and reasoning and they do the same for you, the issues that can arise due to lack of communication or lack of understanding why something can or cannot be accomplished becomes a thing of the past. Lastly, having all parties acknowledge nothing is perfect, disagreements will be had and that’s not going to be a deal breaker is healthy for the growth of the relationship.

Dynamic = lively, energetic, vibrant and exciting!

All dynamic relationships have excitement. Excitement is typical when you are first dating or hanging out with someone new. As the couple dating for three years and the couple married for 40 years can attest to – keeping it exciting is the difficult part. We all become comfortable once we feel there is not a need to.

In your daily interaction the intent is to put your best image forward. For instance, if you were to go on a date with someone you are very interested in you may dress up in a very nice outfit, take a shower before meeting, neatly clean up your appearance and be on your best behavior. Your goal is to impress them as you are interested.After dating for an extended period of time the high heels and skirt the woman may have worn on the first date can be traded in for socks and sweat pants. The same is true for the man. Unfortunately, most men gain weight and stop caring about their physical appearance more times than woman. Remember women care as much if not more about what other women think. Men become content and that is not acceptable.

To have a dynamic relationship their needs to be consistent change. This creates uncertainty, excitement and new experiences. If you have a date night scheduled or routinely attend events which require you to dress up, it will not only increase your confidence but it will give you the necessary change of pace from our everyday lives. Additional features of a dynamic relationship is good health – this allows one more energy, a better sex life, more confidence and increases your productivity as to the number of hours you can be productive in your day.

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