What is happiness? Is it eating a cheeseburger after a long day, taking a trip to the Caribbean, or becoming the owner of your own business? The answer is to never be content. Whether you just ate a cheeseburger, after you made it to the Caribbean, to start your own business, you must always be moving forward. Our culture has engrained it in our Western society, that getting a good job, marrying the one, buying a nice house, and starting a family is the American dream. However, after that the dream doesn’t die. If so, most Americans before 40 have very little to nothing to live for! Not everyone has these same goals, though we all have a certain outline as to what we want and expect for our future.

You must always be continuing your success, while enjoying the ride. After your goals and dreams have been met, start new ones. Make them even bigger and more challenging than before! This is where happiness is. Fulfillment comes in when you are able to appreciate the present and the joys that come as a result. Travel to where you have always wanted to go, try a kick of stand-up comedy at your local bar,  run a marathon, do what makes YOU happy, not others. Never compromise your happiness, always stay hungry and never, ever settle for the bare minimum. You’re only cheating yourself and you deserve more.

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