Dating is a game, a challenge, exciting and frustrating all rolled into one. Perhaps the most widely accepted view of dating is it being a necessity. Men and Women understand the importance of dating in our culture today. While it may not always be handled in the most efficient manner (we help overcome this), it is viewed as the gateway to meeting someone to share experiences, increase the quality of your life and potentially settle down with.

We have analyzed various interactions in the dating world ranging from parties varying in age, being in different life stages, social status’, financial positions, diverse pasts and coming from vastly different family backgrounds. We have went more in depth with researching where the parties are from on a large to small scale – ie. the part of th city and/or suburb they have lived/grew up/resided, the state, the country and the part of the world. The key to understanding how and why a person acts, thinks and views everyday interactions is to learn their classification type, values, needs and what gives them gratification.

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